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Unusual quark star might have fashioned from a fortunate cosmic merger

The universe might include extraordinarily dense and unique hypothetical cosmic objects generally known as unusual quark stars. Whereas astrophysicists proceed to debate quark stars’ existence, a staff of physicists has discovered that the remnant of a neutron star merger noticed in 2019 has simply the suitable mass to be one among these unusual quark stars.

when stars die, their cores compress to such unbelievable levels that they grow to be solely new sorts of objects. For instance, when the solar lastly glints outit can go away behind a white dwarf, a planet-size ball of extremely compressed carbon and oxygen atoms. When even bigger stars explode in cataclysmic explosions referred to as supernovae, they go away behind neutron stars. These extremely dense objects are only some miles throughout however can weigh a number of occasions the mass of the solar. As their title suggests, they’re made virtually solely of pure neutrons, making them primarily kilometers-wide atomic nuclei.

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